MUSTER (Mutual Understanding Support Tolerance Education & Respect) Initiative Program

MUSTER is a program funded and supported by the Australian Federal Government, Department of Social Services.

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MUSTER programs have either been put on hold or conducted through virtual means. We will recommence providing these programs in full once the pandemic has ceased.

Through our MUSTER project, KCAC will be providing various programs that build community resilience and increase the ability of communities to connect, contribute and thrive.

The program will provide activities that:

  • strengthen people’s shared identity as members of a local community;
  • encourage diverse communities to come together;
  • provide support for immersive community programs; and
  • build strong, socially cohesive communities.

The Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre MUSTER will use a whole of community approach to address disadvantage and support individuals, families and communities. Through these programs we aim to build cohesion and create a sense of common ground around everyday issues to further understanding and acceptance of diversity.

KCAC MUSTER Programs provided:

  • Information Sessions
  • Multicultural Festivals, Events & Theme Days
  • CALD Group Activities that foster community engagement
  • Support Groups for vulnerable families & children across all cultural backgrounds
  • Support & assistance for those experiencing domestic or family violence

KCAC MUSTER Programs provided during Covid-19:

  • E-Newsletters, sharing helpful information & support with vulnerable families and CALD communities online
  • Virtual Support Groups using online apps such as Zoom
  • Case Management & Assistance in negotiating available support through avenues such as Centerlink, Department of Housing, The Staples Bag, EAPA etc.
  • Support & assistance for those experiencing domestic or family violence during Covid

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