Our Volunteers

Here are testimonials from some of our very happy volunteers.

Megan Daley
“The staff and clients at KCAC are wonderful and I enjoy helping out, as I feel I’m being useful. My mission is to make sure the clients are enjoying themselves and in the process I do too. I admire the management for the Activities they run, and the skill and empathy demonstrated.”

Ross Crouch
“ I retired in July 2016. After 6 months I wanted to do something to that would help others. I chose to do to volunteer at the community centre. Volunteering means I might be able to help others. Being active in the community helps me to grow. My volunteering experience is very limited so far. What I like about volunteering at KCAC is the friendly atmosphere with a constant stream of people from all ranges coming through the facility which is a short walk from home. Volunteering at KCAC has been an eye opener to how many people from different ages, abilities, needs, cultures & expectations the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre serves. I hope to have a fruitful relationship with KCAC and the local community.”

Ruth Poulton
I love volunteering at the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre and have been a member of the Board for 8 years. I enjoy doing things for others and love meeting new people, volunteering gives me the opportunity to do this and brings me great satisfaction. The staff and clients at KCAC are a wonderful group of people.”

Julie Becher
“I have been volunteering at KCAC for almost a year and came here initially to help in the accounts department. As I learned more about the organisation, I saw how many disadvantaged people in need that KCAC helps in this local community such as the aged, disabled, young women who are isolated etc. These people are all better off because of KCAC and the work that they do. I like to help people and I particularly enjoy assisting the staff in the many day to day activities and events organised by them throughout the year. I have learned a lot from the staff at KCAC.”

JieTong Xu (Tracey)
“Volunteering at Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre is very enjoyable and fulfilling. I have been volunteering here for 2 years and I feel very happy to be a part of this community. I have met many people through volunteering. It is a good feeling to know that I have helped and made a difference in some way.”

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